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Two New Jazz Albums Available:


(A Rather Vitriolic Tirade)

EVERYDAY I CHECK the statistics of this website to see what visitors do when they come here. The vast majority simply listens to our free podcasts. A few bother to visit the New Releases page. And a few of you read my ramblings.

What do you suppose pays for those free podcasts? Album sales.

What percent of visitors buys an album? Fewer than one-percent.

Is that because you folks in the vast majority dislike the music? Of course not or you wouldn’t be here. No, the reason is that you are thoughtless and cheap. You apparently are happy to take something for free but are unwilling to support those of us who produce it by purchasing a $15.00 CD every few years. That is something to be proud of, isn’t it?

You see, we have tried the “catch more bees with honey” approach since 2007 and that has failed dismally. Those reading this now suffer the “vinegar” approach where we simply tell the unadorned truth. (If the customer is always right, then logic dictates the non-customer always must be wrong!)

So listen up: Not only do we need you to buy albums but we also need you to urge your friends to buy them.

The musicians drive an hour or two to the studio and record for free. Nobody earns a penny to engineer, record, edit, mix, and master the shows you have enjoyed for the past three years at no charge. We all donate our time and energy in the hope that most of you will buy an album or, if you are in a position to do so, hire us to perform at an event.

Why not return the favor and support us?

We can stop the entropy affecting culture by taking a stand and I have just taken mine. Folks, it’s time to get jazz back on track. Don’t just sit there; do something!

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