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Jazz Before And After

I FINALLY REALIZED how I could demonstrate the difference between the kind jazz (and orchestral music) I usually prefer and the other kinds. I chose a random photo I had taken and modified it. Here is the original photo. Here…

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John Neufeld

AS A PHOENIX rises from ashes, sometimes it takes a tragedy to reveal one’s greatest talent. If that is true, my clarinet teacher, John Neufeld, would be a good example. He began his career as a young clarinet prodigy. At…

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Flavored Cardboard

LAST WEEK I saw a want ad for jazz by a motion picture company. The last sentence caught my attention: “NO INSTRUMENTALS — please!” That’s analagous to saying, “WANTED: Doctor of internal medicine. No physicians — please!” When did jazz…

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When Change Is Unnecessary

A FRIEND GAVE me a lot of albums documenting small jazz bands from 1940 to the late ’50s. Even though all were Dixieland groups, as the recordings moved forward in time I could hear the style regress from its original…

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THE JAZZ SCENE? What jazz scene? You mean that small group of musicians who play for each other and their friends and almost nobody else? If you live in a very big city and really search, you might find as…

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Copping Out

MUSICAL SHOWS HAVE exploited pretty girls for centuries but does that kind of exploitation belong in jazz? Recently an otherwise top-notch ensemble of middle age men appeared with a cute young woman in the front line. She could play but,…

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